In conjunction with the COSIA/PTAC Oil Sands Clay Conference, we are pleased to offer one-day learning workshop on mining and in situ oil sands water fundamentals and technical challenges, and on monitoring water quality impacts.

On Tuesday April 28, preceding the conference, COSIA and PTAC will host one learning workshop. The intent of this workshop is to help bring new and recent professionals and students working in this area up to speed on current issues, technologies and approaches. The workshop will include the following topics:

  1. Clays in oil sands geology
  2. Methods for measuring clays
  3. Behavior of clays to bitumen extraction
  4. Impact of clays on flocculation and transport of fines dominated slurries
  5. Tailings dewatering mechanisms and the influence of clays
  6. Tailings dewatering technologies in the oil sands
  7. The influence of clays on tailings deposition, planning and long term stability
  8. Review of research needs and outstanding questions

Download Workshop Agenda (PDF)

The workshop will be accompanied by a textbook summarizing the latest research in the field. Space is limited, so please register early.