Caribou Knowledge Extension Library

Caribou populations are a threatened species under provincial acts and the federal Species at Risk Act. Most experts believe that landscape changes, both human-caused and natural, are resulting in increased predation of caribou, causing population decline.

This library includes previously undertaken research, examining various components of caribou protection and recovery, which helps inform industry collaboration on a multi-faceted approach to caribou restoration.

Management Actions and Regulatory Road Map for a Caribou Safe Zone

Author: Terrain FX Inc.

Date: April 2012

Caribou Protection and Recovery Plan Fence Feasibility Study

Author: Matrix Solutions Inc.

Date: October 2011

Design and Implementation of a Fenced Woodland Caribou Safe Zone 

Author: Hab Tech Environmental (J. Kansas, H. Skatter, and M. Charlebois)

Date: October 2011

Caribou Protection and Recovery Program

Author: Golder Associates Ltd.

Date: October 2011

Feasibility Study for a Fenced Woodland Caribou Safe Zone

Author: Terrain FX Inc.

Date: September 2011

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