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The documents below relate to Land projects that COSIA is involved in with external partners.

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An Exploration of Conservation Breeding and Translocation Tools to improve the Conservation Status of Boreal Caribou Populations in Western Canada

Woodland caribou populations are declining and caribou are listed as "threatened" federally under Canada’s Species At Risk Act (SARA) and provincially in many jurisdictions including Alberta. Unsustainable levels of predation, primarily on young calves, is widely recognized as the primary and proximate cause of decline throughout their range.

A multi-stakeholder workshop on caribou population augmentation tools was held in January 2016 and was attended by experts from the provincial and federal governments, environmental non-government organizations, academia, indigenous representatives, the energy sector and Zoo organizations. It was jointly hosted by the Calgary Zoo and facilitated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a global organization that supports scientific research and develops cross-sectoral partnerships to foster nature conservation and species recovery.

Participants discussed the range of interventions and agreed that at least one conservation translocation technique (fencing, wild-to-wild translocation, captive breeding, maternal penning), or combination thereof, will be worthwhile pursuing to reduce the likelihood of extinction of at least one boreal caribou herd in Western Canada.

Linear Feature Restoration in Caribou Habitat: A summary of current practices and a roadmap for future programs

In the past several years, oil sands companies have initiated pilot projects to investigate the restoration of linear features. Efforts and intensity have varied between companies, with some initiating small restoration programs on lease and others initiating extensive programs off lease.

This report highlights current activities by COSIA companies, summarizes current practices into a ‘restoration toolbox’, proposes a planning framework to serve as a roadmap for future linear restoration programs, and then concludes with a series of future restoration planning recommendations.

Partners: Fuse Consulting
Category: Land
In-Situ Oil Sands Extraction Reclamation and Restoration Practices and Opportunities Compilation

The Reclamation and Restoration Practices and Opportunities Compilation document was prepared for Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) to provide a summary of the current knowledge and practices that are being employed for reclamation of in-situ oil sands extraction facilities (in-situ facilities) and identify knowledge gaps, shortcomings and areas of improvement which are referred to as opportunities.


Navus Environmental

Category: Land
COSIA Land EPA 2014 Mine Site Reclamation Research Report

This report summarizes progress for projects related to mine site reclamation of the Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) Land Environmental Priority Area (EPA).

Partners: COSIA
Category: Land
Caribou Protection and Recovery Program (Predator Exclosure) Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Partners: G. Hauer, J. Anderson, T. Antoniuk, and V. Adamowicz
Category: Land
Caribou Protection and Recovery Program Technical Guidance
Partners: OSLI, T.Antoniuk, L. McNeil, J. Nishi, K. Manuel
Category: Land

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