Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (E-TAP)

COSIA wants to TAP the global Environmental sector for solutions to our current and future technology gaps and opportunities.

Welcome to E-TAP

COSIA’s Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (E-TAP) provides an effective means to tap into the global environmental sector for solutions to current and future technology gaps and opportunities. If you have a technology idea you would like to submit on a non-confidential basis to COSIA for consideration then

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COSIA has four Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs): Tailings, Water, Land and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). The EPAs are seeking technologies, practical solutions, research and/ or technology ‘widgets’ that can help accelerate environmental performance improvement in Canada’s oil sands. The objective is to identify and assess ideas that could be potential solutions to our current and future technology gaps and opportunities.

To this end, we invite companies, organizations and individuals to submit ideas for assessment that fits within the current scope of activities for each of the EPAs, through a NON-CONFIDENTIAL Disclosure. Confidential information will not be accepted as part of COSIA’s technology assessment process. All non-confidential information submitted as part of the technology assessment process may eventually be passed on to the EPA Member companies. Should confidential information be required/requested by the EPA Members, at any time during the process, appropriate confidentiality measures will be put in place with the EPA Steering Committee Members.

Submission Process

The process is simple, fill out the on-line ETAP submission form. Give us ten (10) business days and we’ll be in touch to let you know what’s happening and what further steps might be required.

COSIA will accept innovative solutions:

  • Technologies,
  • processes, and
  • research proposals.

Submit Your Ideas

Non-Confidentiality Disclosure

COSIA welcomes the submission of ideas or concepts from outside individuals, companies or organizations for its consideration, specifically in the fields covered by its four Environment Priority Areas (EPAs): Tailings, Water, Land and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). However, COSIA and its EPAs are required by Policy to receive and consider such submissions only on a non-confidential basis. While COSIA may subsequently choose in its sole discretion to receive further information on a confidential basis from the undersigned individual, company or organization (the "Discloser") under a Confidentiality Agreement, all submissions prior to signing such a Confidentiality Agreement will be treated by COSIA and its EPAs as strictly non-confidential information. 

By electronically acknowledging this Non-Confidentiality Disclosure on the E-TAP Submission Form, Discloser is expressly acknowledging the above and agrees that the information provided directly or indirectly to COSIA and/or its EPAs hereunder, whether in written, oral, visual or other format, is non-confidential

For greater clarity, Discloser hereby acknowledges that any and all information provided directly or indirectly by Discloser hereunder is provided free of restriction as to subsequent use and disclosure by or on behalf of COSIA and the EPAs.

Discloser may attach or submit separately a non-confidential data sheet or samples that provide Discloser with a means to communicate the performance and/or operation of their technologies (process or products) or technology solutions to COSIA and the EPAs for consideration. Based on the information provided, COSIA and its EPAs may or may not elect to participate with Discloser to further evaluate any proposed technology opportunity.

COSIA may forward this form and accompanying information to third parties to assist in the preliminary evaluation.