Tailings means the water, sand, fines, other residual solids, or other residual liquids derived from the surface mined oil sands water-based extraction process, including such materials derived from the froth treatment process. For avoidance of doubt, Tailings shall not mean materials used in, present or created as part of hydrocarbon upgrading processes downstream of the extraction process.

Scope Inclusions

The Tailings EPA scope shall include:

  • R&D for the development and commercial implementation of tailings treatment technologies and tailings deposits associated with water-based extraction
  • Methodologies for the placement and management of Fluid Fine Tailings in End Pit Lakes
  • Assessment and evaluation of third party technologies, including those highlighted as part of the Tailings Roadmap Study
  • Development of best practices for tailings related activities such as bird deterrent sand bitumen pond skimming
  • Support of appropriate level of tailings related academic research such as IRC Chairs, COSI projects, Clay Fundamentals Group
  • Technical support for public disclosure and/or regulatory advocacy issues (e.g. Directive 74)