COSIA's Land Performance Goals

COSIA’s Land Performance Goal is focused on increasing land-use efficiency and reducing the operating footprint intensity of in situ operations.

COSIA members with in situ operations will collectively strive to:

Reduce the operating footprint intensity of in situ operations by 10% by 2022.

The Performance Goal uses an intensity-based metric that measures the amount of surface land disturbed per area of reservoir accessed. Over time, irrespective of variations in overall footprint surface area, interested parties can see whether COSIA members are collectively disturbing more or less land to access the oil under the ground. Performance against the goal will be reported publicly on an annual basis with COSIA members aiming to achieve it by 2022. This time frame will allow the companies to develop the new technologies and processes required to be successful.

Land use intensity associated with COSIA members’ in situ operations.

Performance will be compared against a 2012 baseline. For more information on the Performance Goal click below: