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Heather Kaminsky wants to solve the tailings challenge

Issue 06 - Feb 2016

Heather Kaminsky’s career has been shaped by oil sands innovation and collaboration. Her passion lies in developing solutions to reduce the amount of fluid fine tailings at oil sands mining operations. As an employee of a member company, Heather understands the importance of COSIA in helping foster collaboration and innovation.

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Devon and Shell Employees Bring Learnings From Israel

Issue 05 - June 2015

In February, Tom Reinders, Technology Development Engineer at Devon, and Darrell Martindale, Technical Opportunity Manager at Shell, experienced the collaborative opportunities COSIA’s Associate Member Program has created. Tom and Darrell travelled to Israel on behalf of COSIA to meet with representatives from the Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (CIIRDF) to discuss the capabilities and potential for Israeli technology providers to contribute to COSIA.

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Christine Daly is proud to be involved in projects like fen reclamation for Suncor and COSIA

Issue 04 - March 2015

Christine Daly knew from a young age that she would have a career either working with animals or in environmental protection. Growing up on a tomato farm in Ontario, she felt a connection to the environment that led her to pursue a bachelor of environmental science, followed by a master’s in biological sciences, with a focus on aquatic ecology, from the University of Windsor.  

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Kelly Campbell is passionate about reducing GHG emissions

Issue 03 - December 2014

When Kelly Campbell made the decision to move to Ecuador to get her master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Development, she couldn’t have known how that experience would benefit her many years later in her role as Devon’s representative on COSIA’s Greenhouse Gases Environmental Priority Area Steering Committee.

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