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NSERC Industrial Research Chair Builds for the Future

Issue 08 - November 2016

The future of the oil sands industry relies on improving environmental performance, and the brightest minds to make this possible. Dr. Ward Wilson, the NSERC/COSIA Industrial Research Chair, is helping develop the great minds of tomorrow that are required to innovate for the future of the oil sands.

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Accelerating clean innovation

Issue 06 - Feb 2016

Stewart Elgie, professor of law and economics at the University of Ottawa, founded Sustainable Prosperity, Canada’s major green economy think tank and policy-research network. Stewart moderated a series of presentations at the COSIA Innovation Summit about accelerating clean innovation by bringing together top Canadian and international experts from academia, government and industry

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Enabling Innovation: Insight from the Innovation Summit

Issue 05 - June 2015

Innovation in the oil and gas industry is currently being driven by the increase in technical challenges, community or board activism, and/or environmental concerns. The industry is also facing an environment of falling prices, rising costs and increasing operational complexity. The only way to achieve a step change is by doing things differently, through innovation.

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Imperial fine-tunes its COSIA operationalization efforts

Issue 03 - December 2014

Determining the best ways to truly leverage the value that COSIA can bring to its member companies is a fine-tuned team effort at Imperial Oil Limited. Rick Gallant, Vice-President, Oil Sands Development & Research, is Imperial’s gatekeeper of COSIA projects, and he works closely with a team that represents many parts of the organization to ensure alignment in Imperial’s operationalization approach.

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‘Geeks and Gurus’ bring COSIA to life in Shell

Issue 02 - May 2014

Kim Code, Shell’s VP, In Situ for Heavy Oil, and COSIA Shareholder Steering Committee member talks about a new communications campaign Shell has launched to promote environmental performance and operationalize COSIA.

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COSIA: A tool for environmental excellence

Issue 01 - February 2014

Joy Romero, VP, Technology Development at Canadian Natural Resources Limited explains how they are using COSIA as a tool for driving environmental excellence and how they are integrating COSIA into their day-to-day operations.

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