In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group

Sharing water best practices and technologies improved environmental performance.  Read More

Titania Membrane De-risking Pilot Project

Testing the latest in membrane technology for water treatment at Shell’s oil sands mining facility.  Read More

Soft Sensors

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. is testing soft sensor technology at its Primrose North in situ facility to improve steam quality.  Read More

Rifle Tube Technology

Devon conducted a commercial-scale field pilot of a technology called rifle tubes, which has the potential to improve the quality of steam generated to 90 per cent. Read More

SAGD Produced Water Treatment Pilot Project

Suncor’s testing at their MacKay River SAGD facility aims to improve the reliability and efficiency of in situ water treatment operations.  Read More

The Water Technology Development Centre

The Water Technology Development Centre will allow operators to test drive more technologies than each could on their own while sharing the risks and costs.  Read More

Pit Lake Research

The members of COSIA’s Water EPA with mining operations are conducting research on pit lakes to ensure they have the best information possible for their pit lake reclamation plans.  Read More

Direct Contact Steam Generation

Has the potential to recycle 90 per cent of the water it uses, and requires just 10 per cent of additional water to replenish the system.  Read More

Boiler Blowdown Reduction Technologies

Boiler Blowdown Reduction Technologies produces more steam from the same amount of water while reducing the volume of blowdown water that must be disposed of.  Read More


Water is a high-value commodity and COSIA’s Water Environment Priority Area (EPA) is looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce water use and increase water recycling rates at oil sands mining and in situ operations in order to achieve our Aspiration to “be world leaders in water management, producing Canadian energy with no adverse impact on water.

A key step towards achieving our Aspiration is to achieve COSIA’s first two Performance Goals for in situ and mining water use. These Performance Goals state that COSIA in situ and mining operators will strive to:

The Water EPA has also identified additional key issues facing the industry and is working to address the following:

  • improving the use and management of all water resources, fresh, saline and recycled;
  • creating a collaborative regional water management solution that links mining and in situ supply/demand;
  • accelerating the development and commercialization of water treatment technologies;
  • developing game-changing steam generation technology to reduce water used to produce steam for in situ oil sands development; and
  • managing salt accumulation in water streams on mine sites during active mining.