Special recipe creates topsoil in just five years

Nov 14 2019

Companies are regulated to reclaim the land and recreate a natural habitat. But if you don’t have topsoil, what do you do?

The Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative – a living example of successful collaboration

Nov 13 2019

Guest Blog - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

Compensation Lakes Give Fish a New Home

Nov 04 2019

Compensation lakes to house fish have been created by oil sands mining companies to replace fish habitat that is removed for mining activities.

Using water wisely: Better treatment methods for organics in water

Oct 29 2019

Can you picture a future where Canadian energy could be produced with no adverse impact on water? We hope so. As an innovator, your life’s work has been to find solutions to some of the most challenging issues. With COSIA you can take your ideas and turn them into real world solutions.

COSIA Associate Members Get the Inside Track

Oct 30 2019

By Peter Beaudoin, Senior Advisor, Strategy and Partnerships

Seeing the forest through the trees: Help reduce oil sands exploration footprints

Oct 10 2019

COSIA is calling on innovators to submit new research or potential technologies that would enable in situ oil sands operators to conduct below-ground exploration with zero or very limited impact to the surface.

Meet Our New Chief Executive

Sep 09 2019

I’ve been ‘in the chair’ as the new Chief Executive of COSIA for about a month now. It has truly been a luxury to spend a month meeting and learning from the men and women that work so hard to make COSIA what it is.

COSIA 2019 Fall Field Tour

Sep 05 2019

Sharing best practices is one of COSIA’s main objectives and the goal of its annual Fall Field Tour. This year’s tour is hosted by Imperial and Canadian Natural, both COSIA member companies actively involved in COSIA’s Land Environmental Priority Area.