World Water Day is on March 22

Mar 20 2020

An outstanding example of industry collaboration, the $140 million WTDC is the first demonstration site of its kind in Canada for technologies to be tested on a commercial scale.

Amphibious Vehicles in Land Restoration

Mar 23 2020

Cenovus led a novel COSIA project in 2015 – the first of its kind in the in-situ oil sands – to test the use of amphibious vehicles – machines that can drive on land and float on water.

Toads with Backpacks: What’s Going On?

Mar 16 2020

One of the innovative ways that Canadian Natural is using research and technology to manage the impacts of its operations is by monitoring and relocating Canadian Toads at Horizon Lake in northeastern Alberta.

Wildlife Monitoring Plays an Important Role

Mar 10 2020

Virgil Hawkes, a senior wildlife biologist with LGL Limited, is passionate about both wildlife and conservation.

Online Library of Forest Restoration Techniques and Science

Mar 04 2020

Forest Restoration: 360° Virtual Tours and Silviculture Toolkit

Creating Community to Spark Innovation

Feb 24 2020

As COSIA looks to innovators to find solutions for technical challenges in the oil sands, we have explored various ways to create the collisions between key innovators that spark opportunities to collaborate on real world, practical solutions.


Feb 20 2020

By Wes Jickling, Chief Executive

Wastewater To Clean Water

Feb 10 2020

Mangrove Water Technologies is now collaborating with Canadian Natural to test the viability of its new water treatment process which turns saline water into clean water and valuable chemicals.