Sometimes nature does it best

Apr 06 2021

At Imperial’s Kearl project, there’s a corner of the oil sands mine property where grasses and bulrushes grow thick and tall in the summer. It’s a pilot project by Imperial to test the use of a constructed wetland to clean oil sands process-affected water.

We can build wetlands, now what?

Mar 25 2021

A new research chair at the University of Calgary is poised to give oil sands companies a set of detailed guidelines to measure the success of wetland reclamation.

Bugs Help Vegetation Grow on Tailings

Mar 22 2021

Nicknamed “Bugs and Veggies”, the outdoor growing trial is part of an effort to find novel ways to remove water from tailings more efficiently.

Rounding up CO2: a circular economy 

Mar 18 2021

What if instead of disposing of goods, we could bring them back to their base components and then turn them into other products?

Water Management 101: Using water wisely

Mar 15 2021

Up to 85 per cent of water is recycled in mining operations and up to 90 per cent in in situ operations.

Young women driving the future

Mar 08 2021

In recognition of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, COSIA profiles Samantha Heigl, a Program Coordinator on COSIA’s tailings team.

Outdoor trials test water treatment innovation

Mar 02 2021

Mesocosms are a common tool for testing innovation on a larger scale in a controlled and replicated way under realistic outdoor conditions.

Building Tomorrow with Today’s CO2

Feb 26 2021

This is the story of Carbon Upcycling, an NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE finalist, and their journey to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into an asset rather than a liability.