Clean tech for the world

Jan 18 2021

It’s a world class facility that’s testing some of the most novel innovation from world class innovators to capture carbon dioxide and transform it into useful products, like concrete and vodka.

Transforming the Future, One Drink at a Time

Jan 15 2021

They met over whisky in Israel, talked technology over rum in Haiti and built a company producing vodka in New York.

Oil Sands Monitoring Program 101

Jan 04 2021

This article was originally published on May 11, 2020.  The Oil Sands Monitoring (OSM) Program is North America’s largest environmental monitoring program. It uses data from 1,095 different sites.

What a Year!

Dec 17 2020

However you choose to describe it – unprecedented, historic, extraordinary – 2020 has truly tested individuals, families and organizations in so many ways.

Novel non-stick coating keeps things clean

Dec 14 2020

The new technology not only improved the exchanger’s durability, but it also appears to enhance heat transfer. 

Innovative thinking drives clean technology

Dec 08 2020

Thanks to the blowdown boiler technology, Cenovus is able to convert more than 90 per cent of every barrel of water to steam.

Alberta facility drives new carbon products and markets

Dec 02 2020

A purpose built carbon capture facility on the outskirts of Calgary will help make Canada a world leader in carbon capture and utilization technologies.

Sunlight drives novel process to clean up water

Nov 30 2020

Imagine using sunlight to treat industrial water so that it’s clean and safe for aquatic life. It sounds almost too far-fetched to be true.