2014 Poster Sessions

Oil Sands Water Conference and Workshops 2014

To complement our technical program, COSIA is pleased to showcase 22 poster presentations at this year’s Oil Sands Water Conference. 

The posters will be unveiled during the cocktail reception on Tuesday, March 11 and will be available for viewing until the close of the conference Thursday, March 13. Much like our technical program, the posters will range in subject matter across the categories of Oil Sands Mining and/or In-Situ Operations and Environmental Monitoring.


Fluid Clarification Inc.
New Technology: Self-Cleaning Microfiltration

Mining and In-Situ

Golder Associates Ltd.
Alternative Technology Paths to ZLD


Tetra Tech Inc.
A Conceptual Framework for Modeling Ecological Risks Associated with Oil Sands Mining

Titanium Corporation
Improving the Quality of Process-Affected Water in the Oil Sands to Replace Imported Raw Water

University of Alberta
Effect of UV/OCI- on the Degradation of a Model Napthenic-Acid Compound and its Chlorinated By-products

University of Alberta
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor for Bio-degradation of Recalcitrant Organic Compounds in OSPW

University of Alberta
Optimization of Purging Time in Organic Carbon Content Measurement

University of Alberta
Solar UV/Chlorine Process for the Degradation of Toxic Constituents of OSPW

University of Calgary
Aerobic Granulation: An Innovative Biotechnology for OSPW Treatment

URS Canada Inc.
Tailings Water Management: Lessons Learned from the Mining Industry


Athabasca University
Modeling Framework of Integrated Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems for Athabasca River Basin

Matrix Solutions Inc.
Estimation of Surface Water

Matrix Solutions Inc.
Purpose Driven Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis

Matrix Solutions Inc.
Using Cased Hole Well Logs for Shallow Geo-Models

University of Alberta
An Estimation for pKa of Napthenic Acids based on pH-Dependent Fractionation Extraction of OSPW

University of Alberta
OSPW and O3OSPW: Can fish smell the difference?

University of Alberta
The Effect of Different Solvents and pHs on the Extractability of OSPW Organic Contents

University of Alberta
The Role of OSPW on Bacterial Growth and its Metabolism

University of Alberta
Toxicity and Speciation of Napthenic Acids in Extracted Fractions of OSPW Before and After Ozonation

University of Guelph
Biomonitoring 2.0

University of Guelph
Napthenic Acid Mixtures Affect Differentiation of Mousse Embryonic Stem Cells

University of Windsor
Investigating the Bio-Physiochemical Effects of Gamma Irradiation Treatment of Tailings