2014 Conference Topics

Oil Sands Water Conference and Workshops 2014

Under the theme “Achieving and measuring oil sands water management performance improvement goals through strategic planning, applied research, technology development, and operational excellence”, the 2014 COSIA Water Conference will focus on the following five areas.

Regional Water Management and Strategies

  • Drivers in water management and technology development plans
  • Regional water strategies and plans (regulatory, industry and NGO perspectives, regional sourcing and disposal)
  • Groundwater and surface water sustainability
  • Provincial and federal government water plans and policies

Research and Development

  • Water characterization and analytical techniques
  • Novel treatment technologies and processes
  • Treatment of tailings processed affected water
  • Waste disposal treatment and methods

Technology Deployment

  • Field pilots
  • Commercialization of technologies and lessons learned
  • Advances in online instrumentation
  • Collaborative projects

Operational Excellence

  • Best practices
  • Training and staff development
  • Unit process optimization (e.g. recycling efficiencies, reduction in water usage)

Monitoring Regional Water Quality

  • Measuring regional water quality: understanding variability and sources
  • Methods development for chemical fingerprinting
  • Development of management tools (e.g. water models)
  • Determining long-term changes in on-site water


If you have any questions on these conference topics or where your area of expertise might fit, please contact:

Mike Rogers
Alberta Technology & Science Inc. (ATSI)

Phone: 403.264.7896
Cell: 403.880.2164
Email: m.rogers@shaw.ca