2014 Overview

Oil Sands Water Conference and Workshops 2014

This was an opportunity for COSIA’s Water EPA to showcase the work COSIA is doing as well as the projects and technologies member companies, researchers, government and industrial sectors are working on to accelerate environmental performance improvement in Canada’s oil sands. But there was more to the conference than just showing off.

“It was a really great way for COSIA to connect with other experts to discuss our key areas for research and innovation. It was also an opportunity to encourage other sectors to embrace our collaborative model to address some of the water issues facing the oil sands industry,” says Water EPA Director John Brogly.

Working collaboratively across company and industry lines to develop and share innovations is something John believes is the key to achieving the Water EPA’s Aspiration of being world leaders in water management. It was a concept that attendees – or at least the ones we interviewed for this story – seemed to be buying into.

Kim Westcott, senior surface water policy specialist for Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resources attended the conference in order to learn more about the Water EPA’s scope and projects.

“The conference brought together a great group of people with lots of knowledge and insight,” Kim says. “It was a great three days learning more about the technical issues around water management in the oil sands and how they are being addressed.”

Greg Goss is a professor of biological science at the University of Alberta and head of the Alberta Water Initiative, which aims to find solutions to water management issues through the University of Alberta’s research and engineering capabilities. He liked that the conference focused on solving some of those issues by combining both academic and industry perspectives.

“I am continually impressed by the amount of effort COSIA members are putting into solving these very complex water issues.” Greg says. “The conference gave me an intimate understanding of the advantages of the COSIA model.”

COSIA’s Water EPA is looking forward to continuing the work being done by COSIA’s member companies and reporting back at the next Water Conference with more innovations and success stories achieved using COSIA’s unique collaborative ways of working.