Conference Topics

2016 COSIA AI-EES Water Conference

Under the theme “Becoming world leaders in water management through strategic planning, research, technology deployment and operational excellence in Canada’s Oil Sands”, the 2016 COSIA – AI-EES Water Conference will focus on the following areas:

Regional Water Management and Strategies

  • Drivers in water management and technology development plans
  • Regional water strategies and plans
  • Groundwater and surface water sustainability
  • Provincial and Federal Government water plans and policies
  • Development of management tools (e.g. water models)
  • Determining long term changes in on site water

Research and Development

  • Novel in situ treatment technologies and processes
  • Treatment of tailings water and other oil sands processed affected water
  • Treatment wetlands and end pit lakes
  • Waste disposal treatment and methods
  • Water characterization and analytical techniques including methods development for chemical fingerprinting

Technology Deployment

  • Deployment of technology that both improve environmental outcomes and reduce capital and/or operating costs
  • Commercialization of technologies and lessons learned
  • Advances in on-line analyzers and process control

Operational Excellence

  • Unit process optimizations (e.g. recycling efficiencies, reduction in water usage) that both improve environmental performance and reduce costs
  • Best practices



For more information, please contact:

Brittany Hately
COSIA Water Administration

Phone: 403.444.5280