Focus Areas

COSIA’s mandate is based on performance. Our focus is on developing performance initiatives that are rooted in progress in four key Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs): tailings, water, land and greenhouse gases. Oil sands producers, through earlier organizations, have already been working together to improve environmental performance in these environmental areas.

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Greenhouse Gases EPA

COSIA’s Greenhouse Gases Environmental Priority Area is investigating ways to reduce energy use and associated GHG emissions through the development of innovative technologies for oil sands in situ and mining operations. More

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Land EPA

COSIA’s Land Environmental Priority Area is focused on reducing the footprint and impact of oil sands mining and in situ (in place) operations on the land and wildlife of northern Alberta. More

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Water EPA

COSIA’s Water Environment Priority Area is looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce water use and increase water recycling rates at oil sands mining and in situ operations without causing negative environmental impacts in other areas. More

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Tailings EPA

COSIA’s Tailings Environmental Priority Area is focused on improving the management of oil sands tailings. Tailings are the sand, silt, clay and water found naturally in oil sands that remain following the mining and bitumen extraction process. More

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The Monitoring Working Group aims to develop aligned industry positions on technical issues related to the design, implementation and ongoing refinement of the Joint Oil Sands Monitoring Program. More