Scope Inclusions

The Water EPA scope shall include:

  • The sourcing, use, re-use, treatment, conditioning, waste management, storage, containment, modelling, integration, release to the environment, disposal, reporting on or monitoring of Water within and across Mining and Extraction, In situ and Upgrading including:
    • Reclamation;
    • Pit lakes;
    • Fish habitat compensation works;
    • Heat exchange;
    • Potable or sanitary applications;
    • Dust suppression; and
    • Steam generation;
  • Regional Water management including integration, usage, modelling, assessments and methods;
  • Surface Water management in mining and extraction related operations, including pre-mining dewatering and management of precipitation and basal water; and
  • Groundwater management including aquifer assessment and development, Water flow modelling, monitoring and migration.
  • Aspects of In situ processes, procedures or activities that are sub-surface where the primary operating objective is performing or aiding the recovery of Petroleum Substances via wells, formation heating, solvent injection/recovery, or diluent injection/recovery; or
  • Mining and extraction and Upgrading processes, procedures or activities to release Tailings Pore Water from Tailings, unrelated to Water, or where the primary operating objective is:
    • Ore sizing;
    • Ore preparation, including ore conditioning and hydro-transport;
    • Separating petroleum substances from oil sands, emulsion or slurry;
    • Froth treatment;
    • Solvent or diluent recovery.