Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases

COSIA aspires to produce oil from the oil sands with lower greenhouse gas emissions than other sources of oil.

What are we targeting?


  • Improving energy efficiency in all aspects of oil sands operations, including the production of steam for in situ (in place) recovery of bitumen
  • Recovering waste heat for reuse
  • Design and operating best practices
  • Measurement, monitoring, and verification
  • reducing flaring, venting, and fugitive emissions
  • CCS of CO2 from steam generators and other large oil sands facilities
  • Producing alternative energy
  • Exploring regional opportunities to reduce GHG emissions with non-industry parties
GHG Targets

Can we do more?

In line with our industry targets, COSIA has set GHG Challenges for partners beyond the oil sands to help us achieve our aspirations and goals. Can you collaborate with us?

Greenhouse Gas EPA Overview

COSIA’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Environmental Priority Area (EPA) is investigating ways to reduce energy use and associated GHG emissions through the development of innovative technologies for oil sands in situ (in place) and mining operations.

Oil sands companies are working together, building on each other’s expertise and collaborating with universities, government and research institutes on energy efficiency projects that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the production of associated GHG emissions. We are also exploring the use of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) options, a technology successfully used in other countries to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from large industrial facilities such as coal, oil and gas facilities and other industrial operations before the CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere. The captured CO2 is then transported through pipelines for permanent storage in deep, secure underground formations.

GHG Projects

Through joint industry projects (JIPs) the members of the GHG EPA are developing new technologies and conducting research.

These JIPs will directly contribute to the achievement of the GHG EPA’s Aspiration though the closure of the Gaps and the achievement of Opportunity Areas identified in the GHG EPA’s planning framework.

Project Research

COSIA, its members and its associate members have invested considerable resources in academic literature research, laboratory research and environmental studies relating to greenhouse gas emissions and their reduction in Canada's oil sands. You can explore the published findings on GHGs here.

GHG Challenges

The GHG Environmental Priority Area has identified COSIA Challenges to help mobilize the minds and resources of external stakeholders and global solutions providers and allow it to achieve its Aspiration to ‘Produce oil with lower greenhouse gas emissions than other sources of oil’.

How to submit a proposal

Non-members should submit their request through the COSIA E-TAP process. This process is both an easy means of responding to this request, and a safe framework for best presenting your response to COSIA.

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