How will COSIA members deliver the goal while addressing associated challenges?

COSIA members are developing new technologies and sharing best practices to enable further reduction of the impact of their in situ operations on fresh water resources. This Performance Goal singles out fresh water use, rather than saline water, due to its importance to the environment and to other water users in the region.

Achieving this goal will require COSIA members to further increase water use efficiency and recycle rates within their operations. A consequence of both these activities is an increased concentration of salts in recycled water. This increase has the potential to make steam generation more inefficient and as a result increase the volume of highly saline wastewater that needs to be managed and disposed of. Both of these challenges in turn can increase the land or greenhouse gases (GHGs) footprint of in situ operations. It is vital to COSIA members that improvements in one environmental area (fresh water use intensity) are not offset by worsening performance in other areas, like GHGs.

There are a number of areas COSIA members are focusing on to deliver this 50 per cent reduction:

  1. Improving water treatment processes.
  2. Improving steam generation efficiency.
  3. Reducing boiler blowdown waste and improving disposal techniques.