Improved water treatment processes

COSIA members are continuing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their water treatment processes used in bitumen extraction.

For instance, removing more hydrocarbons and dissolved minerals from boiler feed water can reduce the amount of water needed to generate steam - thereby cutting overall water use. Specific projects aimed at improving treatment processes include:

  1. Water Technology Development Centre (Suncor with Nexen, Shell, Canadian Natural, Devon, Husky)
    A $165 million water treatment test facility focusing on in situ water treatment technologies.
  2. Silica Sorption Produced Water Evaporator Pilot (Canadian Natural)
    Testing a silica sorption evaporation technology that could reduce chemical consumption, maintenance downtime and blowdown waste.
  3. The SAGD Produced Water Treatment project (Suncor, Devon, ConocoPhillips, GE, Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions)
    Exploring ways to treat produced water more efficiently and increase water recycling.