Optimizing water reduction and recycling opportunities.

A key area of focus for COSIA members is optimizing the opportunities to reduce water use and increase recycling opportunities where available.

This includes the treatment of mine water for re-use in the bitumen extraction process, while ensuring such improvements are not offset by worsening performance in other areas, like GHG emissions. This area of focus also includes assessing the feasibility of a regional approach to water management across all oil sands operations so that, among other things, tailings water can be used as process water for in situ operations. Specific projects include:

  1. Regional Water Management Initiative (RWMI) (Suncor with other COSIA members and non-COSIA members)
    Investigates the feasibility of sharing water between mining and in situ sectors and the feasibility of a regional approach to managing in situ water disposal.
  2. Water recycle projects (Canadian Natural, Shell and Suncor)
    Looking at ways to treat mine water and re-use it in the bitumen extraction process.