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Compelling challenges drive the scientific inquiry inside COSIA

Issue 08 - November 2016

For scientists and engineers, a compelling challenge is what sets them onto the path of scientific inquiry. At its heart, COSIA is a science, engineering and innovation organization, and the challenge and motivation to discover and develop technologies that will accelerate environmental performance improvement in the oil sands is what drives the scientific inquiry going on inside COSIA.

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Driving Canada’s knowledge economy

Issue 07 - July 2016

Dan Wicklum reflects on how Canada’s oil sands and COSIA’s made-in-Canada model of open innovation can help unlock the expertise needed to develop environmental technologies that can not only benefit the oil sands industry, but other sectors as well.

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2015 Delivery and Performance

Issue 06 - Feb 2016

We held our third annual COSIA Performance Update at the end of last year. I and the EPA directors had the opportunity to showcase the ways our members are continuing to put their money (technology, knowledge and expertise) where their mouths are, proving once again that their commitment to environmental performance does not change with the price of oil.

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COSIA: Lighting the way for innovation

Issue 05 - June 2015

The image of a lit light bulb suddenly appearing over a person’s head is an enduring and powerful image associated with innovation.  The light bulb image gives the impression that innovation is instantaneous and happens by chance – it almost always isn’t and doesn’t. In COSIA, oil sands companies don’t leave innovation to chance, they use a series of deliberate innovation processes and techniques to maximize their success.

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Is COSIA more or less relevant in today's economic environment?

Issue 04 - March 2015

2015 continues to provide challenging conditions for the entire oil sector, including our oil sands members. As low oil prices continue to squeeze margins and companies adapt to market conditions, many people are asking, “How does this current economic climate affect COSIA’s relevance?”

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Delivery and Performance in 2014

Issue 03 - December 2014

In addition to our regular content of cases studies, COSIA fundamentals, member, staff profiles, and the ways COSIA companies are integrating COSIA into their operations, I am pleased to use this issue to share with you an overview of COSIA’s second annual Performance Update event that took place on November 25th at the Telus Convention Centre, Calgary.

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It’s all part of the plan

Issue 02 - May 2014

COSIA’s Chief Executive, Dr. Dan Wicklum discusses the importance of the annual planning sessions for each of the Environmental Priority Areas. He also talks about some of the work member companies are doing to engage their employees and get them involved in COSIA.

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Introducing Collaborator

Issue 01 - February 2014

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the first issue of Collaborator. For me this first issue is another step towards ensuring a level of visibility and engagement that will allow this Alliance of 13 oil sands producers to realize its shared vision of delivering accelerated improvement in environmental performance.

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