Introducing Collaborator

Dear colleague,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the first issue of Collaborator.

For me this first issue is another step towards ensuring this Alliance of 13 oil sands producers is able to deliver on the shared vision of delivering accelerated improvement in environmental performance through collaborative action and innovation. Through this newsletter we will keep you up to date on our progress and give our readers the information they need to continue to participate in the collaborative process.

Engaging with others will allow us to continue to gain fresh perspectives and identify new opportunities on shared challenges. This was a key motivation for our first Performance Update event held at the end of November in Calgary, giving us an opportunity to engage with over 180 delegates drawn from government, industry, academia, media and the not-for-profit sector and lies at the heart of this communication. To hear what some of those delegates had to say about our progress, click here.

Since COSIA’s launch in March 2012 COSIA member companies have been working diligently to lay down the foundations for long-term success – to support our four Environmental Priorities Areas of Land, Water, Tailings and Greenhouse Gases, plus the work we do on environmental monitoring. COSIA is an innovation in itself, a unique Canadian solution to improving environmental performance. But because it’s unique we have had to start from scratch in many areas such as creating the legal agreements that allow unprecedented collaboration.

Today COSIA is delivering on its pledge, creating an environment where member companies can share best practices, environmental technologies and planning techniques aimed at effectively prioritizing key projects. COSIA companies have shared 560 environmental technologies that cost over $900 million to develop, and they are moving forward 185 projects at a cost of nearly $500 million with new initiatives coming on stream regularly.

Over the coming issues you will begin to recognize a number of reoccurring themes including a review of the efforts of individual member company staff in making COSIA a success, how companies continue to align their working practices with COSIA’s, the key mechanisms that enable COSIA to operate and a review of the projects delivering environmental performance on the ground.

I hope that Collaborator will enable you to keep abreast of developments at COSIA and better understand how you can contribute to its success. If you have not yet subscribed and wish to receive future issues of Collaborator, go to to sign up for the newsletter and to receive information on upcoming COSIA events. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve this communication then please send us your feedback via:

Dan Wicklum

Dr. Dan Wicklum, PhD. | Chief Executive 
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance