Shell kicks off its EPI campaign

Shell has set Aspirational Goals for each of their Environmental Performance Improvement areas; land, water, air and tailings.

On Monday January 13, 2014 Shell Canada launched its Environmental Performance Improvement (EPI) campaign.

EPI works in tandem with three of COSIA’s Environmental Priority Areas (EPA); Land, Greenhouse Gases and Water. In fact many of Shell’s EPA steering committee members are also EPI ‘Gurus’, environmental experts for each of the EPI areas.

The EPI program began in 2012 and is crucial to ensuring that as Shell’s heavy oil business grows it continues to find ways to develop this resource as responsibly as possible. Like COSIA’s EPAs, each EPI has a set of distinct goals and long term aspirations.

Monday’s campaign launch introduced Shell’s EPI Gurus and COSIA to the wider Shell community and laid out a number of the COSIA joint industry projects and shared technologies that Shell is collaborating on in order to deliver on both their EPI goals as well as those currently being developed by COSIA for each of the EPAs.

Shell EPI Gurus

Introducing some of Shell’s environmental experts (Gurus) working to deliver improved environmental performance through Shell’s EPI Program and COSIA.

We want to reinforce the importance of EPI within Heavy Oil, and hopefully we can help others see where they may be able to support the drive for continuous improvement in environmental performance no matter what business they may be in, says Andrew Rosser who leads the EPI team as the VP of Regulatory and Environmental performance.

To learn more about some of the joint industry projects currently underway through COSIA, visit