Land Environmental Priority Area Update

Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration

Members of the Land EPA are working collaboratively at a regional scale to achieve more effective conservation and recovery of caribou and their habitat in the Cold Lake Caribou Range.

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Jenna Dunlop, PhD

Jenna Dunlop, Ph.D, MBA
Director, Land EPA

The Land EPA had the privilege of kicking off day one of COSIA’s first Innovation Summit. I was really impressed by the level of energy and participation that attendees and presenters brought to the event. It showed just how interested our stakeholders in the innovation community are in the work the members of the Land EPA are doing.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement hosted a Caribou Forum alongside the Innovation Summit. This was a great opportunity for deeper discussions to take place with a broad group of stakeholders on one of the EPA’s priority Opportunity Areas.

This quarter also saw the Land EPA develop a more structured working relationship with CAPP. This will allow us to ensure that work is integrated across the two organizations. This is especially important for the work being done within the newly formed Caribou Working Group. This group will oversee and direct industry’s long-term, strategic projects and research in the areas of caribou and caribou habitat recovery.

One of the key priorities for our Strategic Offsite meeting, which took place this quarter, was to identify other high-value opportunity areas where a similar strategic approach to that taken with caribou could be implemented. Wetlands were one area that came up as a likely candidate.

In addition to identifying high-value, high-impact opportunities, a large part of Land’s Strategic Offsite was dedicated to reviewing our project portfolio and ensuring it was well-balanced across our priority Opportunity Areas and Gaps. From there, we put together a crisp revised multi-year plan to ensure our energy is focused in a structured way across our portfolio.

With our revised multi-year plan now in place, we’ll be focusing on deepening the level of collaboration – utilizing internal company resources and facilitating information sharing into and out of COSIA – to deliver on our priorities.