Water Environmental Priority Area Update

Rifle Tube Technology

Devon conducted a commercial-scale field pilot of a technology called rifle tubes, which has the potential to enable once through steam generators to improve the quality of steam generated from 78 per cent up to 90 per cent steam quality, reducing water use and boiler blowdown, while increasing energy efficiency.

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John Brogly

John Brogly
Director, Water EPA

The big milestone for the Water EPA was the successful completion of COSIA’s first Innovation Summit. We were able to kick off the Water stream of the conference by announcing the release of Water’s second Performance Goal, this time, for the mining sector.

COSIA members are committed collectively to reduce the net water use intensity from the Athabasca River and its tributaries by 30 per cent by 2022.

The second Performance Goal, as well as the wide range of projects presented by our member companies, was well received by attendees of the conference. It was a great opportunity for me and the members of the Water EPA to talk with our stakeholders in the innovation communities about our work and priorities for the year. It really helped to reinforce that we are on the right track and encouraged the members of the Water EPA to continue their hard work toward meeting our two Performance Goals.

We have two strategic priorities coming up this spring. The first will be the review of our Performance Goals data. We will be updating company forecasts to ensure our members’ performance is on target to meet the two Performance Goals. In the unlikely event we find that we are falling short, we can collectively roll up our sleeves and develop a solution to get us back on track. This is the most valuable part of having Performance Goals; it holds our feet to the fire when it comes to delivery.

The second is our Strategic Offsite, where we will be updating our multi-year plan and project portfolio to ensure we stay on track to meeting our two Performance Goals.