Land Environmental Priority Area Update

Surmont Boreal Reclamation Project

ConocoPhillips Canada is conducting a reclamation pilot on the soil stockpile of their Surmont in situ operations that will have both short- and long-term benefits.

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Jenna Dunlop, PhD

Jenna Dunlop, Ph.D, MBA
Director, Land EPA

In 2015, the Tailings and Land EPAs established a joint working group to tackle the gaps associated with their end product (consolidated tailings) and our starting product (reclamation material). I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the tailings members as we work towards developing solutions to some common issues for our two EPAs.

We are also prepared our list of EPA-led studies for 2016. We will continue to support our Alberta Biodiversity and Industrial Research chairs at the University of Alberta. They are doing some great work and we are looking forward to the progress and results of the studies undertaken through their programs.

The Associate Member annual meeting and the Performance Update webcast were held at the end of last year. We worked to reorganize and refocus our Opportunity Areas and Gaps as part of our multi-year planning process. We were able to share these with our stakeholders to provide them with a tighter, crisper articulation of what we need and what areas need the most attention during the event.

As part of that, we are also working on developing specific action plans to fill our revised opportunity areas — caribou, interim reclamation and wetlands, in particular — and are continuing to look at a number of other areas to focus our research towards.