Water Environmental Priority Area Update

Soft Sensors

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. is testing soft sensor technology at its Primrose North in situ facility to improve steam quality. The technology was developed by the University of Alberta and Suncor Energy and contributed to the Water EPA.

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John Brogly

John Brogly
Director, Water EPA

With both of our Water Performance Goals now public, 2015 was the first year that we reported on the progress our members have made towards meeting those goals.

We spent Q3 collecting and assessing the data to understand our performance over the past year and what will need to be done going forward to keep us on track. We reported our progress publically during the 2015 Performance Update and Associate Member annual meeting.

The members of the Water EPA were also busy updating our multi-year plan. As this is now the third version of the plan, our priorities have remained fairly consistent. Part of this process, however, involves reviewing our gaps and opportunity areas and reprioritizing them based on the status of our project portfolio. In 2015, we also took some time to rework and simplify the gaps to make them easier for third parties, especially our Associate Members, to understand.

As we continue to collaborate more with innovators outside of the sector, it is important they have a clear understanding of what our technology and innovation needs are and how they can contribute to developing solutions.

I was pleased to present these revised opportunity areas and gaps at our Associate Member annual meeting, as well as at our 2015 Performance Update.You can view my presentation, as well as the presentations for the other EPAs here.