Tailings EPA: Centrifuge technology to treat mature fine tailings

Tailings Centrifugation

Shell is building on centrifuge technology contributed by Syncrude to discover ways to remove water from mature fine tailings with the potential to increase the amount of water available for recycling and reduce land footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Tailings Director Update

John Brogly

John Brogly
Director, Tailings EPA

Improving the environmental performance of Canada’s oil sands relies on bringing together the greatest minds from industry, government, research, academia and the technology sector. Some of the results of these collaborations were on display at the Oil Sands Innovation Summit 2017. Held on March 21 and 22 in Calgary, the event was co-hosted by COSIA, Alberta Innovates and Natural Resources Canada.

“The Summit and Workshops saw our greatest attendance to date,” confirms John. “It was incredible to see such a diverse mix of innovators come together to learn about the projects and technologies that are working to accelerate the pace of environmental improvements in Canada’s oil sands.”

Over 800 people attended, with over 80 technical sessions on projects and research in tailings, water, land and greenhouse gases, as well as broad sessions on the role of innovation in improving the industry. Experts from oil sands companies, government, academic institutions and the service and supply sectors shared some of latest environmental technologies in development, exchanged ideas and discussed solutions.

“The event allowed us to showcase some of the incredible work going on,” says John. “An added bonus was the chance to learn more about the oil sands industry itself and dig into some of the specific areas to discover more about how it operates.” 

A series of educational workshops held on March 20 gave those new to the industry the chance to learn the basics about oil sands production. Facilitated by oil sands experts, the workshops provided foundational knowledge in the areas of oil sands generally, land, water, tailings, GHG and monitoring.

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