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The COSIA Tailings EPA Aspiration is to strive to “Transform tailings from waste into a resource that speeds land and water reclamation”.

Technologies that help achieve this Aspiration must also have a positive environmental net effect so that improvements in tailings treatment do not result in detrimental impacts on other environmental areas. Specifically they must also have the potential to improve one or more of the following areas:

  • GHG intensity
  • Water quality
  • Impact on land and disposal management
  • Cumulative effects mitigation

In addition, tailings treatment technologies that improve environmental performance while decreasing capital and/or operating costs are important as lower cost technologies that also result in environmental performance improvements are the most likely to be commercialized.

Tailings Themes

Theme 1 – Tailings deposit management challenges

  • Fines capture in beaches
  • Fines enriched sands
  • Deep cohesive deposits
  • Water-capped tailings technologies
  • Thin cohesive tailings deposits

Theme 2 – Tailings Process management challenges

  • Transportation of fines and coarse tailings streams
  • Flocculation of high and low density tailings streams
  • Tailings dewatering technologies
  • Secondary chemical addition
  • Sub-aerial and sub-aqueous tailings deposition

Theme 3 – Regional tailings management and strategies

  • Drivers in tailings management and technology development plans
  • Provincial and Federal Government water plans and policies
  • Collaborative projects
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